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Based in DĂșn Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland we provide fairly traded Indian and Tibetan handicrafts for health and well-being.
Browse the different sections of our website to get to know us and our products. If you have seen something in our shop or on a fair and you cannot find it, please use the search facility or contact us directly, or use the chat service below for instant information.

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Holistic Therapy County Dublin

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Saffron & Sapphire Blog

May 2016 Meditation Workshop
24th May 2016
Meditation Workshop with Singing Bowls
Next Meditation workshop with Singing Bowls

Thursday 26 May 2016
Friday 27 May 2016

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May 2016 Newsletter
12th May 2016
May & June 2016 Newsletter
Here is the link to our newsletter for this month, easier to read through your browser.

Have a look and let us know what you think! Enjoy!

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24th March 2016
Easter Blessings

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Saffron & Sapphire Shop

Incense and Accessories Incense and Accessories
(Contains 15 photos)
Find in this section:
~ Incense Sticks & Cones
~ Burners & Ash Catchers
Meditation & Relaxation Meditation & Relaxation
(Contains 46 photos)
Find in this section:
~Singing Bowls & Tibetan Items
~Meditation Accessories
~Sacred Statues
~Music CDs & DVDs
~Books & Cards
~Hangings & Paintings
Health & Well-being Health & Well-being
(Contains 37 photos)
Find in this section:
~Soaps & Skincare
~Hair Care
~Oral Ear & Health Care
~Special Salts & Salt Lamps
~Tea & Supplements
~Books & Cards
Oils, Fragrances & Accessories Oils, Fragrances & Accessories
(Contains 10 photos)
Find in this section:
~Essential Oils & Carrier Oils
~Oil Burners
~ Waters
~ Perfumes
~ Wax Melts
Crystals Crystals
(Contains 12 photos)
Find in this section:
~Thumbled Stones
~Other Crystals
~Crystal Hangings
Clothes and Fashion Accessories Clothes and Fashion Accessories
(Contains 33 photos)
Find in this section:
~ Trousers
~ Skirts & Dresses
~ Tops ~ Scarves
~ Accessories
~ Jewellery
Home Decor Home Decor
(Contains 33 photos)
Find in this section:
~Candles & Holders
~Handcarved Animals
~Home Textiles
~Stationery & Traditional Handicrafts
Angels & Fairies Angels & Fairies
(Contains 8 photos)
Find in this section:
~Angel Jewellery
~Angel Statues
~Books & Cards
Children's Children's
(Contains 8 photos)
Find in this section:
~Sparkly Pens & Boxes
~Music & Cards
Classes & Workshops Classes & Workshops
(Contains 1 photo)
Find here the information about our
meditation classes
Payments & Gift-Vouchers Payments & Gift-Vouchers
(Contains 3 photos)
Find in this section:
~Custom PayPal Payments
~ Give a donation
Travels to  India Travels to India
(Contains 11 photos)
Experience the magic of India and start a trip of a lifetime
~ Spiritual Trip
~ Kerala
~ Other Retreats